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Hallands Väderö

A fantastic nature experience

Hallands Väderö island is a short boat ride from Torekov. You can get there on Väderötrafiken’s tour boats from Torekov harbour, right from early spring to late autumn.  The island is just over 3 kilometres long and 600 meters wide at the narrowest place.

Hallands Väderö is the destination for experiencing astonishing nature, tranquillity and nice bathing. All around the island there are marked hiking trails with footbridges over difficult-to-cross areas. Hallands Väderö has a wide range of nature biomes that all find their place on this small island – sandy beaches, pebble fields, rugged cliffs, marshes, meadows, three-hundred-year-old beech forest, massive oaks and lindens. On the cliffs at the west side of the island, harbour seals are dwelling. They can be sighted from the island, but are best observed from boat.

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In relation to its size, the island is one of the most biodiverse places in the country. The forest has never been extensively chopped down, as many forests elsewhere. On and in the old trees, a myriad of insects and plants flourish, such as endangered beetles and rare lichens.


Experience Bjäre Peninsula

During your stay with us, you have the opportunity to experience all the activities that Båstad and the Bjäre Peninsula have to offer: Much more than tennis, golf, partying and long sandy beaches. The region also stands for breathtaking nature experiences and an area rich in art, culture and history.

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