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The GRAM Story

The history of GRAM

A story of devotion to an area that is too good not to share with others.

This story dates back to the Stone Age when the first humans settled on the Bjäre Peninsula to hunt and fish in the exceptionally rich fishing grounds of Kattegat. It continues with our Bronze Age ancestors, who found out how to cultivate the fertile land and placed their burial mounds in the most beautiful of locations. The remnants of these mounds can still be found. A treasured lush green countryside with abundant oak forests, which used to provide Copenhagen with timber and firewood in the Middle Ages.

Over time, our fondness for the region has only grown stronger. One hotel turned into three hotels, and with addition of several restaurants, swimming pools, and a cold bath house. At this time we can offer accommodation to guests of all kinds, great and small, to widely share the Bjäre Peninsula, the sea, nature, local culture and open widths.

But we do not rest on our laurels. We continue to create more experiences, to allow even more people to discover Båstad and the Bjäre Peninsula. Experiences characterised by high quality, strong personality and great atmosphere. Because this is a place too good not to share with others.

Year by year

1988: Hotel Skansen was acquired.

2008: the Scandinavian Resorts group was founded, which also included Högfjällshotellet and Gammelgården in Sälen.

2010: the Torekov Hotel was acquired.

2013: Pepe’s bodega and restaurant Papas in Båstad harbour were acquired.

2015: the newly built Hotel Rivera Strand opened in Båstad.

2017: the Group was split up based on geographic location, which gave birth to GRAM Hotels (Destination Bjäre Holding AB), the new group of companies located on the Bjäre Peninsula.

2020: Backahill AB acquired 100% of the shares of GRAM Hotels.

2021: the name was changed to GRAM Group.

Båstad through the years