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Hovs Hallar

A remarkable place

The nature reserve Hovs Hallar is the steepest coastal part on Bjäre Peninsula and a remarkable place.

Here, Hallandsåsen and the sea meet with a blend of shingle beaches, tall fractured cliffs and cave-like formations that create a dramatic and savage landscape. The view of the Laholm Bay is breathtaking with a characteristic hilly landscape and escarpments. There is a multitude of pathways you can follow both along the beach and in the heights. Many films have recorded scenes from this dramatic location – most famous are the iconic scenes from Ingrid Bergman’s film ‘The Seventh Seal’.

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Hovs Hallar is one of the real gems of the Bjäre Peninsula, a must see experience. Here, Hallandsåsen and the sea meet in a most dramatic way with tall fractured cliffs, limestone columns, cave-like formations and shingle beaches.


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During your stay with us, you have the opportunity to experience all the activities that Båstad and the Bjäre Peninsula have to offer: Much more than tennis, golf, partying and long sandy beaches. The region also stands for breathtaking nature experiences and an area rich in art, culture and history.

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